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About Us

About Us

Atrius Health, an innovative healthcare leader, delivers an effective system of connected care for adult and pediatric patients at 27 medical practice locations in eastern Massachusetts. Atrius Health’s physicians and primary care providers, along with additional clinicians, work in close collaboration with hospital partners, community specialists and skilled nursing. Our vision is to transform care to improve lives. Atrius Health provides high-quality, patient-centered, coordinated, cost effective care to every patient we serve. By establishing a solid foundation of shared decision making, understanding and trust with each of its patients, Atrius Health enhances their health and enriches their lives. Atrius Health is part of Optum, a health services company focused on building the leading value-based care system in the country.

What's in a name?

We created the word Atrius to represent the ideals we stand for and the quality of our care; it is emblematic of our passion for creating a better way to deliver healthcare.

Atrius is derived by combining the words “Atrium” and “Radius.”  “Atrium” is an open central courtyard or dedicated special space. “Radius” defines a circle or sphere or is a measure of range of activity or influence.

Therefore, Atrius Health is a warm, welcoming space defined by the relationship between our patients – who are at the center – and the physicians and medical teams who care for them.