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clinicians and staff from our Braintree practice

Welcome to Atrius Health

Care. About You.

This phrase is powerful. In 3 small words, it distills our DNA; it is our Atrius Health truth.

At Atrius Health, we are an extraordinary, physician-led organization where we put the health of our patients first and foremost. Our vision, mission, and values center on improving the health and well-being of the people who place their care in our hands.

This is what we are called to do.

Achieving this purpose doesn’t just happen. It starts with smart, talented people, to be sure. But it is amplified by the compassion, integrity, diversity and dedication of the people we are privileged to call teammates and colleagues at Atrius Health.

So who is Atrius Health? We are people who:

  • Find joy in the expressions of care – for our patients and for our colleagues – and get energy from making things better or easier for others
  • Commit to excellence, tirelessly looking for ways to continually improve care, continually improve skills, continually improve lives
  • See problems as challenges, challenges as possibilities, and possibilities as realities
  • Work collaboratively. Strong team players who can understand, accept and enable others to flourish are critical to providing our patients the best care possible

If you are driven to do that, if that’s your passion too and you’re willing to work for it every day, Atrius Health is the special place for you.

We are grateful that you are exploring this site. Learn more about our organization, search for your role, and consider helping us on our journey of transforming care to improve lives.