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Nurse-Midwifery Program

The Nurse-Midwifery Program at Atrius Health offers comprehensive care for women. Our midwives attend births at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Mount Auburn Hospital. They also offer pre- and post-natal care, ongoing health education, and routine gynecological services at several of our practices. Our midwives are registered nurses with advanced degrees and training who are certified nationally and licensed to practice in Massachusetts.

A strong feature of the Atrius Health Nurse-Midwifery program is the collaboration between midwives and obstetricians. This connection provides a wide range of healthcare offerings that can meet each woman’s personal needs. Throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond, midwives provide a supportive presence that respects the uniqueness of each woman and her family.

The Certified Nurse-Midwives of the Atrius Health Nurse-Midwifery Program provide women with:

  • Comprehensive prenatal, labor and birth, and postpartum care,
  • Ongoing health education, and
  • Routine gynecological services at several locations.

Throughout pregnancy, labor and birth, our midwives provide care in collaboration with your obstetrician. Your care is focused on your unique physical, social, and emotional needs. Our midwives also strive to keep you well informed and encourage active participation in all aspects of your care.

We offer women a variety of options for pain relief during labor and delivery, including hands-on relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy, pain medication, or epidural anesthesia. Our philosophy encourages women to trust their bodies as they do this miraculous work, and during labor nurse midwives offer support to women with a personalized approach, as if you had your own personal birth coach with you in the delivery room. If medical interventions are indicated, our physicians are readily available.

The Nurse-Midwifery Program at Atrius Health accepts most major insurance plans. If you would like more information, please contact one of our nurse-midwifery locations in the Greater Boston area or register for an upcoming virtual Meet the Midwives event.