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Medical Records

Atrius Health manages your health information and medical record, ensuring your information is maintained confidentially and in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Please refer to the frequently asked questions below for information on how to obtain a copy of your medical record, the cost, and the process. Feel free to call our Release of Information Department at (781) 292-7700 to discuss your individual medical record request needs.

Release of Information Department
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a copy of my medical record?

You must submit a written request or complete and submit an Authorization to Release Medical Records form to us at the address below.  If you prefer to write a letter it must include your name, date of birth, phone number, specific information you are authorizing for release, and the person/organization authorized to receive the information along with their address.  In most cases patients 18 years or older must sign their own authorization unless a legal guardian has been established by the court or their Health Care Proxy has been invoked.

Please mail your request to the address noted below:

Release of Information Department
Atrius Health
1177 Providence Highway
Norwood, MA 02062
Tel: 781-292-7700 
Fax: 617-421-2626

Please note: This location is not a medical practice and therefore is not accessible to patients. Requests for Billing information, Pharmacy records, and/or Radiology Images/Films must be made directly to each of those departments.

We kindly request that if you are transferring your care from Atrius Health, please indicate it on the authorization form and provide the reason for transferring. Additionally, we request that you contact Central Registration at 1-800-249-1767 to have your Atrius Health Primary Care Provider (PCP) removed and update your PCP information with your health insurance company if you have not already done so.

Is there a cost to obtain a copy of my medical record from Atrius Health?

Yes, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable cost-based fee for producing the copies. It is based on the cost allowed by HIPAA (45 CFR, 164.524) or Massachusetts law MGL Chapter 111; Section 70, whichever is less, plus postage. You will receive an invoice from our copy service, Sharecare, shortly after we receive and process your request.

Please note: If you do not need a copy of your complete medical record, you may request an "abstract", which contains immunizations, three (3) years of office visit, lab, and radiology and diagnostic reports. The abstract is often sufficient to meet the need of many requests, including transfer of care to a new provider. Furthermore, you may elect to have your records delivered electronically, which is often times much less expensive and faster than printing and mailing.

How can I submit my payment?

You will receive an invoice from our copy service, Sharecare, shortly after we receive and process your request. Payment must be received by Sharecare prior to the release of your records.

How soon can I expect the release of my medical record to be completed?

Processing time varies depending on the type of request and method of delivery. Routine requests are usually prepared within seven business days and released upon receipt of payment. There are instances where a request may take longer to process.

The following scenarios are the most common that require additional time to process:

  • Requests for copies of Behavioral Health records that are being released directly to the patient take longer because we are required by law to obtain approval from the clinician prior to releasing.
  • Requests that contain information under the ‘Information ‘Requiring Specific Consent’ box of the authorization form that was not initialed for may take longer because the information has to be redacted. 
  • Older information may be delayed because a hard chart may have to be retrieved from storage.

How can I get a copy of my medical record from my former doctor to my new Atrius Health provider?

If you need to have records from a previous provider mailed to Atrius Health, you may download a copy of the Authorization to Release Information to Atrius Health, fill it out, and mail it to your former health care provider to request a copy of your medical record. It is recommended that you contact your previous provider to obtain their medical record processing details as fees may apply.

Authorization to Release Information to Atrius Health (New Patients: Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Only)

Authorization to Release Information to Atrius Health (All Other Specialties)