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Why should I go to the eye doctor when I can simply pick up an inexpensive pair of eyeglasses at the store?

Regular eye exams not only evaluate your eyesight, but they are also important for your overall preventive health. A thorough eye exam can detect eye diseases early, before you experience any symptoms but when they are most treatable. They can also show evidence of diabetes and other health issues.

Some people do have good luck with drugstore reading glasses. However, one-size-fits-all reading glasses do not work well for people who have a different prescription in each eye, or whose eyes are not centered in the lens. Headaches are a common problem in those cases. Headaches can occur as a result of using glasses that do not fully meet the needs of your eyes.

I'm interested in the glasses that change to sunglasses when you go outside. Can you tell me more about them?

  • These are called photochromic lenses. When the lenses are exposed to ultraviolet light, they become darker or change to a different color. Most brands remain pretty light when you're driving, because windshields block most UV light.
  • To learn more about photochromic lenses and to compare the advantages of the major brands, please see our article on photochromics & tints.

What are the signs that a child might need glasses?

  • Consistently sitting too close to the TV or holding a book too close
  • Losing his or her place while reading
  • Using a finger to follow along while reading
  • Squinting
  • Tilting the head to see better
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Excessive tearing
  • Closing one eye to read, watch TV or see better
  • Avoiding activities that require near vision, such as reading or homework, or distance vision, such as participating in sports or other recreational activities
  • Complaining of headaches or tired eyes
  • Receiving lower grades than usual

How often should I get a new pair of glasses?

You should get a new pair of glasses if your prescription has changed or if your lenses are badly scratched. Since your doctor can determine whether you need a new prescription or not, it's important to know how often to visit the eye doctor. It depends on many factors, but as a general rule, you should go once a year or once every two years. Your doctor can tell you what schedule is right for you.

I’m considering contact lenses. What are my options and how do I get them?

Contact lenses are medical devices and can cause permanent damage without proper supervision. At Atrius Health, our job is to provide that supervision to our patients, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Make an appointment with one of our optometrists today to discuss your contact lens needs. We offer the combination of wide selection, expert fitting and follow-up care by doctors who are experts in contact lenses to make your contact lens experience the best it can possibly be.