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Optical Shops

Our skilled, licensed opticians are trained to fit you properly with frames, eyeglass lenses and also order contact lenses that have been prescribed by your eye doctor. Our optical shops are part of Atrius Health, and we can therefore work directly with your doctor to provide the best products for your personal visual needs. With our wide selection of frames and eyeglass lenses, our opticians can give you the fit you need and the look you want.

Eye glasses have changed – contact lenses, too – with different materials and uses. We invite you to learn more about the frames and lenses we offer and our locations where you can purchase them.

Order Contact Lenses Online

Easily order your contact lenses online. Follow the link and order your contact lenses today!

Contact Lens Recycling Program

Most contact lens wearers are not properly recycling their contact lens waste. All too often, contact lenses are flushed in drains, like toilets and sinks. When wrongfully disposed of, up to 3 billion contacts may end up in our wastewater treatment plants each year, accumulating as microplastics in our waterways, harming marine life, and entering the food supply. Standard recycling does not always work either: contacts are too small and they often get filtered out and end up in landfills.

Atrius Health offers an easy way to recycle your blister packs, top foils, and contact lenses. Simply bring these items to any of our Atrius Health optical shops when ready to recycle and look for the ONE by ONE recycling bin. You do not need to clean the waste before dropping it off or worry about separating or sorting the materials. To learn more, read our blog article about the contact lens recycling program.

Please note that cardboard boxes are recyclable through regular municipal recycling, so do not include them in your drop-off.