Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy at Atrius Health

Restoring function and movement for adults and children through the science of healing and the art of caring


To our patients:

Until such time that we can see you safely in the practice again, there are online videos available to show you the proper body positions and movements that we would typically guide you through during an in-person physical therapy session. We have reviewed these video resources and feel they are a great instructional option. If you have questions at any time, please feel free to contact us.

Our highly-skilled physical therapists and physical therapy assistants provide a range of services for children and adults at several convenient locations in and around Boston.  We use a functionally-based approach to help individuals of all ages and all activity levels meet their goals, such as:

  • Recover from an injury, accident or surgery
  • Learn techniques to prevent injury or improve performance for recreational and professional sports
  • Return to a daily routine without pain and limitations

We pride ourselves on our highly-individualized approach to care. We understand that what each patient hopes to accomplish through physical therapy can be very different from person to person and situation to situation. We therefore work with you to design a therapy plan that will help you achieve your specific, personal goals.