Pediatrics Department

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Meet the Pediatricians

One-on-One Sessions:

Most of our pediatricians schedule one-to-one meetings with parents looking for a pediatrician.  Call the pediatric practice site you are interested in for more information. To learn which pediatricians are welcoming new patients, view a complete list of pediatricians accepting new patients across all Atrius Health locations.

Additionally, some of our practice locations offer “Meet the Pediatrician” group sessions where parents can get to know a pediatrician accepting new patients at that office. We invite all parents and expectant parents to RSVP and attend a scheduled session below. 

2018 Group Sessions:

Cambridge - Harvard Vanguard Pediatrics at Harvard University Health Services (Group Sessions Only)
75 Mt. Auburn Street 
4th Floor 
Cambridge, MA 02138

 Naomi Priver
 Hongchao Zhou
Monday, August 15, 12:30pm
 Thursday, September 6, 12:30pm Monday, September 12, 12:30pm
 Tuesday, October 9, 12:30pm Monday, October 10, 12:30pm
 Tuesday, November 13, 12:30pm Monday, November 14, 12:30pm
 thursday, December 6, 12:30pm Monday, December 12, 12:30pm

Meetings will be held in the pediatrics waiting room. Please call 617-661-5575 to RSVP.

Cambridge - Harvard Vanguard (Group Sessions Only)
1611 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

 Melissa Bergman
 José Alberto Betances
Friday, August 17, 8:00am   Monday, August 13, 1:00pm
Friday, September 21, 8:00am   Monday, September 17, 1:00pm
Friday, October 19, 8:00am   Monday, October 15, 1:00pm
Friday, November 16, 8:00am   Monday, November 19, 1:00pm
Friday, December 21, 8:00am   Monday, December 17, 1:00pm

Meetings will be held in Conference Room D. Please call 617-661-5575 to RSVP.

Dedham Medical - Dedham 
One Lyons Street
Dedham, MA 02026

Andrea Patrico 
Dr. Andrea Patrico Video introduction available   Click to go to doctor profile
Wednesday, August 9, 5:30pm
Tuesday, September 11, 5:30pm

Please call 781-329-1400 x2456 to RSVP.