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When it comes to weight management, one size truly does not fit all.  We therefore offer you a few different options and settings in which you can see your weight management physician.

  • One-on-one appointment: this is an office visit with just you and one of our weight management specialists in which you can discuss your progress, share your concerns and ask questions, receive any necessary prescriptions or referral for lab work, and identify the next steps in your treatment.
  • Shared Medical Appointment (SMA):  our innovative, virtual shared medical appointment program offers patients another option for receiving healthcare. A SMA offers a 90-minute medical visit with your doctor in the company of other patients. You participate as part of a small group of 6-10 patients.  

Although we understand that a SMA may not be right for everyone, it can offer several additional benefits, such as:

  • More time with your physician
  • Easier and more predictable appointment times and scheduling
  • The ability to share and learn from your peers in a supportive setting

Our staff can help you decide what would be most effective and comfortable for you.  Please call 617-657-6433 to discuss these options.