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Pain Management

The Pain Management team uses a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. We believe in treating the whole person, both mind and body, in order to ensure that patients receive the best quality care. We combine and apply the latest advances in medical science, with interventional, rehabilitation and behavioral approaches to develop a comprehensive treatment plan with the goal of improving pain, function, and quality of life. Given our belief in a mind-body approach to pain management, many of our patients will see a psychiatrist or therapist as part of their care to help improve their coping skills to manage the stress and frustration that often accompanies chronic pain, and empower them to be an active participant in the treatment process. Each patient starts the program with a comprehensive evaluation to establish goals and to help our clinicians create an individualized care program.

After the initial evaluation to establish goals, one of four pain management programs may be recommended:

  • Functional Restoration — An intensive, structured, two-days-per-week (five-hours-per-day) behaviorally oriented physical therapy program that focuses on increased function and activity, despite pain. This program teaches patients to better cope and manage pain in a setting with other patients with chronic pain. Patients attend regular visits with our interdisciplinary team including psychology, psychiatry, and a pain management specialist.
  • Pain Service — A more individualized program to treat patients who have not responded to physical therapy or other interventions in the past. Patients may receive a combination of physical therapy, injections, pharmacological management, and behavioral health services to optimize treatment response. In many cases, although care will be coordinated at Kenmore, treatment will be provided at other sites with physical therapists and behavioral health providers who have been identified to have a pain interest.
  • Intractable Pain Clinic — An interdisciplinary, consultative service designed to assist primary care physicians with the medication management of patients with chronic pain who have not benefited from conservative medical, rehabilitative, interventional and/or surgical approaches for pain control. The patients will be seen in a Shared Medical Appointment at Kenmore and once stabilized, referred back to their primary care for continued care. We would then be available for reconsultation should the patient’s condition change.
  • Addiction Services — Lead by behavioral health, but closely coordinated with our pain team to ensure that patients with addiction and pain issues are provided appropriate pain management in tandem with a range of addiction treatment options developed for preventing relapse, maintaining recovery, and safe prescribing.


Patients new to the Pain Management department should complete an intake form.