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Back and neck pain can be incredibly severe, debilitating, and demoralizing for those who suffer from it. To add insult to injury, most people fear that effective treatment will require time-consuming, costly, and possibly uncomfortable imaging tests, injections, surgery or pain medications.

But this may not be the case.

We have assembled a multidisciplinary team of providers who are specifically trained in contemporary, evidence-based spine care. They diagnose spine-related disorders and can offer patients non-invasive, non-surgical options first for the effective and successful treatment of back and neck pain.

When you are referred to the Integrated Spine Program (ISP), you’ll be evaluated by one of our Primary Spine Practitioners (PSP), a credentialed clinical expert in spine care who has received additional, evidence-based training in the triage, diagnosis and treatment of spine-related pain, with a particular focus on education and self-care strategies. The PSP will identify the source of your pain – known as the "primary pain generator” – and also determine if there are other underlying biological, psychological or even social concerns or conditions that are causing or perpetuating symptoms.

Once the PSP has identified which tissues (specific muscles, ligaments, etc.) are responsible for your pain, we will develop a well-rounded, customized plan which focuses on all aspects of your symptoms, including movement and mindfulness-based coping strategies. This plan will also include your own goals and expectations regarding your care.

Should you require further evaluation or treatment, our ISP clinicians work closely with other specialists in our Physiatry, Spine and Pain Management department who can provide different services and approaches that may be more effective in treating you. The ISP team will help you coordinate any further diagnostic testing or imaging that is needed.

If you have any questions prior to your initial evaluation, please call one of our ISP department locations.