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Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

The goal of every pregnancy is a healthy and safe delivery for mother and baby. For some women, pregnancy may be considered high-risk due to complications from pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease; age, family history; or conception of multiples (twins, triplets).

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine Program cares for women with known or developing pregnancy complications. Our board-certified maternal fetal medicine physicians provide screening, monitoring and counseling services before and during pregnancy to assess and manage risk, and provide needed care or treatment. Services include:

  • Consultation and care for high-risk pregnancy
  • On-site ultrasound and laboratory services
  • Advanced fetal-risk screenings
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Access to hospital-based specialists for interventional treatments or procedures

Maternal Fetal Medicine services are offered at several practice locations.

Depending upon the patient's needs, maternal fetal medicine specialists offer varying levels of care including one-time consultation, periodic appointments, and total obstetrical care.