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Bladder Problem Treatment

After your evaluation is complete, we will discuss with you the causes of your bladder problem and the best ways to treat it. You will decide with your doctor which treatment is best for you. Options for bladder problem treatment include:

Pelvic Floor Exercises can strengthen the muscles that control the bladder. Our nurse practitioner can train you to do these exercises correctly to regain and maintain continence.

Bladder Retraining (gradually prolonging the time between visits to the toilet) can often help with urge incontinence.

Medication can relax the bladder or tighten the sphincter muscles. Also, some medications you take for other conditions can affect your bladder control.

Surgery can restore support of the pelvic floor. New surgical methods can allow you to recover very quickly and return to normal activities in a few days.

Injection of materials around the urethra to strengthen resistance to urine flow is a good choice for some women.

Vaginal Devices (pessaries) can control incontinence and relieve prolapse for some women.