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Choosing a Primary Care Physician

Choosing a PCP is one of the most important health care choices you need to make. You should choose someone you respect, and who respects you and your health care goals and challenges. Additional considerations include background and expertise, as well as ease of access for an appointment.

There are several advantages to having a PCP, including that he/she:

  • Knows your family and medical history, lifestyle, and habits
  • Treats you as a whole person
  • Manages chronic conditions
  • Helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle to prevent future medical problems
  • Coordinates your care

The best time to establish your relationship with your Primary Care Physician is when you are healthy, instead of waiting until you are sick or injured and need medical care in a hurry. A good relationship with your PCP can help to ensure continuity of care and peace of mind for you.

Find a primary care physician in our practice who is accepting new patients.  Many of our physicians offer a video introduction so that you can get a feel for their practice style before making your selection.