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Geriatric Consultation

Our skilled geriatricians have experience with the aging process and can help patients set realistic goals of treatment that incorporate the patients' values, helping them maintain quality of life. They evaluate patients experiencing memory problems, difficulties with walking and frequent falling, incontinence and problems with mood or behavior that affect their ability to remain safe, independent and healthy.

Since the medical issue of aging can be very complex, we use a team approach to coordinate geriatric care, working with nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, physical therapists and others. Our team participates in monthly case reviews to maintain continuity and integrate care of these patients with the range of elder services available within Atrius Health and among the communities we serve.

Preparing for a Geriatric Consultation

Appointments are generally 60-90 minutes for the first visit and 30-60 minutes for follow-up visits if needed.

  • It is essential for family members or caregivers to come to the geriatric consultation visit. If an older patient lives alone with no family or caregiver, we encourage a trusted friend to come to the visit.
  • While our geriatricians will have access to your Atrius Health medical records, it is important to bring along copies of any evaluations, hospital discharge summaries, etc., that may have occurred outside of the Atrius Health care network.
  • Please bring an up-to-date medication list and all bottles of medication (including over-the-counter pills) that you take, even if just occasionally.
  • If you use a cane or walker, it is important to bring that to the visit as well.

After the initial geriatric consultation, a report will be available in the electronic medical record for your primary care doctor, who will work with the geriatric team to implement recommendations. In addition, we will provide a summary of our assessment and recommendations, including written educational materials and contact information for community resources when available. Follow-up visits with the primary care team and geriatrician will be arranged as needed.