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Genetics Services

The Genetics Department at Atrius Health offers individuals, couples, and families a wide range of genetics testing services as well as counseling. Counseling is an important part of our services, as we help you understand the different genetics tests and the links between genetics and inheritable diseases. We encourage patients to discuss their concerns, and help guide them toward decisions that are right for them.

Genetic services for Atrius Health patients include:

  • Syndrome identification
  • Prenatal diagnostics
  • Recurrence risk assessment
  • Family physical exams and trait assessment
  • Ordering and interpreting DNA, carrier, and other genetic testing

Prenatal Diagnostic Services

Atrius Health's Genetics Department works with your obstetrics team to help you have a healthy baby. We can provide comprehensive preconception and prenatal genetic services, including genetic counseling regarding risks associated with abnormal ultrasounds, genetic screenings, a patient’s family history, drug exposures, and amniocentesis results. Background medical information will be obtained from you and/or your partner. Based on this information, our medical geneticist will assess your chance of having a child with a birth anomaly or genetic disorder, discuss benefits and possible risks of available tests, and support you in using your own values to drive your choices and decisions.