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How Our Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Program Help You and Your Child

Our developmental and behavioral pediatricians can evaluate your child and work with you and your Atrius Health pediatrician to determine which types of other specialists can best meet the individual needs of your child, such as a pediatric physical therapist, a child psychiatrist or psychologist, a neuropsychologist, a speech-language pathologist, a pediatric nutritionist, or an educational advocate.

We recognize that the family is each child's most vital resource. We respect and rely on your knowledge of your child. We seek to support you and your family through the often stressful process of identifying and addressing developmental concerns and planning for your child's needs.

We also aim to develop a partnership between parents and professionals, assisting and supporting families and health care providers in advocating effectively for children whose needs extend beyond the home and into the community.

Meeting with a developmental and behavioral pediatrician may reduce your confusion and frustration over a previous medical diagnosis or developmental concern. If your child's condition has already been diagnosed, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician can:

  • Plan and coordinate your child's medical care
  • Identify and access useful medical, educational, and community resources for you and your child
  • Monitor your child's development
  • Review and assess Early Intervention Plans (IFSPs) or school-based services (IEPs)
  • Assist with the transition from one educational or developmental stage to another