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Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aids and Fittings

If a hearing aid is prescribed, a patient may come to one of our regional centers (Kenmore (Boston), Dedham, Quincy - Hancock Street, and Wellesley) and meet with an audiologist who has specialized expertise in the area of dispensing hearing aids. The audiologist will review the type of hearing loss as well as how it is affecting a patient’s life and recommend from a variety of hearing aid models the “best fit” with the patient’s medical condition, lifestyle, and budget.

When the hearing aid arrives, a patient will return to work with the audiologist to fine tune the incoming sounds using a special computer program.

Significant technological advances have been made to improve digital amplification. Many of the new digital aids can be easily adjusted for background and environmental noises, improving patient satisfaction.

Referrals and Insurance Information

Most health insurance covers the hearing evaluation and the otolaryngology appointment. A referral from your primary care physician is required for most insurance plans for the consultation from an otolaryngologist.