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Frequently Asked Questions

Which former Compass Medical locations have re-opened as Atrius Health practices?

We are excited to share that we have opened the offices in Easton and Taunton as Atrius Health practice locations. Atrius Health Easton opened on December 18th, 2023, and Atrius Health Taunton opened January 16, 2024.

Which former Compass Medical providers are seeing patients at Atrius Health Easton and Atrius Health Taunton? Are some former Compass Medical providers at locations other than Easton and Taunton?

Yes, some primary care providers and specialists are seeing patients at Atrius Health locations other than Easton and Taunton.

To search by name for any former Compass Medical provider that has joined Atrius Health, please use our Find a Provider search page.

Click to view a list of Atrius Health Easton internal medicine providers.

Click to view a list of Atrius Health Easton family medicine providers.

Click to view a list of the Atrius Health Taunton internal medicine providers.

What services are offered at the new Easton and Taunton locations?

Click for an overview of services offered at Atrius Health Easton.

How do I register as a patient to see my former Compass Medical provider now at Atrius Health?

To register as a new patient, please call our Central Patient Registration number at 1-800-249-1767.

How do I schedule an appointment with former Compass Medical providers now at Atrius Health?

After you register as a new patient by calling 1-800-249-1767, you can directly call the location your provider is practicing at to schedule future appointments.

How do I get access to my Compass Medical record to share with Atrius Health or my other care providers?

We have seen a recent update on the Patient Care Ombudsman website for former Compass Medical patents regarding medical records that we wanted to share with you. In a letter dated May 24, 2024, from the Patient Ombudsman to former Compass Medical patients, it says that patient medical records are now available from Steward Medical Group. Steward is now the permanent custodian of all former Compass Medical patient records. If you still need your medical records, we wanted to pass along this link to the patient letter. The letter has information about how to request your medical records from Steward Medical Group. Click to view this letter.