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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my former Compass provider who recently joined Atrius Health going to be seeing patients?

We have worked with each Compass provider to determine the best near-term option based on available space at Atrius Health. These locations are in our offices in Braintree, Norwood, Quincy, Weymouth, and Plymouth. Please visit our providers by location page for more information about where your providers will practice in the interim once they complete the onboarding process and can begin seeing patients at Atrius Health.

Will my former Compass provider eventually return to their former Compass office locations or somewhere nearby?

Former Compass providers who practiced at Compass offices in Braintree and Quincy will continue to practice at our Atrius Health locations in Braintree, Norwood, Quincy, and Weymouth. We understand that for some patients of the former Compass Easton, East Bridgewater, Middleboro, and Taunton locations, that the interim Atrius Health locations may not be convenient in the long-term. It is our goal to return many of these providers to practice locations in or nearby their former geographic areas as soon as possible. That work could take several months to complete, and we will provide updates along the way.

How long will it be before my former Compass provider will be able to see patients at Atrius Health?

Many former Compass providers have started providing care to patients, with more expected to be active soon. Our care teams are seeing patients with urgent and acute needs now. We hope to have routine care visits available soon. In the interim, please call our dedicated Compass line at (1-800-468-7146) for any medical needs. Our care teams will work to assist you and ensure you get the appointment you need with a provider at Atrius Health.

I am now registered as an Atrius Health patient. What do I do next if I need care/prescription refill/medical advice until Compass providers can see me?

After you have registered as a patient, during regular business please call our dedicated Compass line at (1-800-468-7146) and follow the prompts should you need non-emergent medical care. Until your care provider can see you, we are supporting patients through virtual care appointments, and other urgent care and in-person appointments as much as possible. We also offer 24/7 medical advice overnight and on the weekends to all our patients. After regular business hours, you can also call the dedicated line and follow the menu prompts for after-hours medical advice.

According to the Atrius Health insurance page on your website, your practice does not accept my insurance. Does that mean I cannot follow my Compass primary care provider (PCP) to Atrius Health and that my health plan will not cover my care with Atrius Health?

There are certain health plans that Compass Medical previously accepted with whom Atrius Health does not currently have a contract. We are in contact with each of these plans and are working to establish contracts which may take some time. In the interim, we encourage you to reach out to your health plan directly for guidance. Several plans have indicated they will continue to cover patient care for Compass patients during this transition period. It is strongly recommended that you contact your health plan to clarify coverage and to inform them that you are following your former Compass provider to Atrius Health. We invite you to call our Central Registration team at 1-800-468-7146 for further guidance about health plans and to register as a patient.

What should I do about my Compass Medical record and getting it to Atrius Health?

Currently the most reliable option is to download your medical record from the Compass Medical patient portal, save it to your computer and then upload it to your secure account in our MyHealth Online patient portal (Note: registration as a patient and account set-up required for MyHealth). Download these directions to help you with that process. If you previously completed a paper Release of Information form and sent it to Atrius Health’s Transferred Health Records Department, we will forward it on your behalf to the appointed Compass Medical records custodian once that process is announced.