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Most people who contract COVID-19 will be able to recuperate at home and can manage their symptoms in much the same way they would to treat the flu or a cold. However, for people who have one or more health conditions that increase the risk of becoming very sick from COVID-19, other treatments, prescribed by a doctor, may be available and appropriate.

At present, there are two general classes of outpatient treatment for people with less severe COVID-19: monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and antivirals. Monoclonal antibody treatments can help the immune system recognize and respond more effectively to the virus. Antiviral medications can reduce the ability of the virus to multiply, slowing the spread of the virus through the body. These treatments are approved by the FDA under emergency use authorization and the oral medication that treats COVID-19 is available at Atrius Health. Patients who are eligible for COVID-19 treatment can contact their Primary Care Provider. Atrius Health also has a post-COVID clinic for patients who have long-term symptoms following recovery from COVID-19 infection. This post-COVID clinic at Atrius Health that is dedicated to the care of patients with “Long COVID” is a clinic with doctors and providers with a variety of different expertise. Patients can be referred to the post-COVID clinic by their Primacy Care Providers.

The current therapies are recommended for certain people with one or more health conditions and less severe COVID-19 illness. Less severe COVID-19 illness includes symptoms that do not limit a person’s daily activities, while severe disease includes people who are hospitalized with COVID-19 or have had severe effects to their lungs due to COVID-19 infection.

It is important to let your doctor know that you have COVID-19 as soon as possible. If you are eligible for these therapies, treatment must be started within the first few days to be effective.