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Health Information | 04/07/2021

MyHealth Test Results

By  Atrius Health
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Atrius Health is making some changes to the information available in your MyHealth account. Beginning April 10, 2021, we will release imaging, pathology, and other lab results as soon as they become available. Until this time, providers had access to test results before they were made available to patients. This change builds on our commitment to provide our patients with better access to their health information to help them engage with their health care providers and manage their care.

In addition to the radiology and lab results that have been available to you on MyHealth for the past few years, reports from other types of testing will also now be displayed on MyHealth, including:

  • Echocardiograms, EKGs, Holter monitors and Ziopatches (which monitor the heart’s rhythm)
  • Spirometry or pulmonary (lung) function testing
  • Allergy testing
  • Ultrasounds, for pregnancy or those done to image an internal body structure
  • Visual/eye exam results
  • Pathology reports
You can find lab results either in the “Test Results” section of MyHealth or in the "Visit Notes" summary created after your visit.

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In the “Test Results” section, you’ll find links to glossaries put together by our OB/GYN, Pathology, and Radiology departments as well as links to external websites helpful for understanding testing terminology. MyHealth test results page
As a result of this change, you will typically have the opportunity to review  results before your provider has had an opportunity to review them and contact you.

When ordering certain tests, providers will be able to prevent automatic release. If you wish to receive results directly from your provider rather than automatically, this is something you can request. Since adolescents and their proxies (typically parents) both receive results, providers will have conversations with adolescent patients about automatic release before placing orders for tests they may want to keep confidential.

Typically, you should hear from your provider with a few days to review the results with you.  You may prefer to view results right away or you may choose to wait for your provider to contact you. When deciding, consider what the test was for and keep in mind that some test results may be hard to understand or show evidence of serious illnesses like cancer.

If you are reviewing results on your own, it is helpful to know that not all results marked as “abnormal” are clinically concerning. Please also be aware that results for multiple tests done on the same day may not become available at the same time.        
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