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Prostate Cancer Decision Aid Information

Atrius Health, along with several other Boston-area provider groups, participated in a community project aimed at developing a way for patients to have access to a common source of information on comparative effectiveness of management options for prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Decision Aid project features a website for patients recently diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer. The website is designed to:

  • Give patients and their families an unbiased source of information, enabling patients to have more informed discussions with their doctors about the choices for addressing their prostate cancer diagnosis
  • Provide videos from clinicians from across Boston explaining the various options, as well as video of a prostate cancer patient talking about what was important to him when he made his decision
  • Assist patients in their decision-making
  • Allow patients the opportunity to answer a few questions about their preferences and concerns and then print out the information and bring it with them to the doctor's visit

While the treatments may not all be applicable to every patient based on individual clinical features, this resource may be helpful in providing an overview that can serve as a foundation for future discussions between you and your doctor as you develop a treatment plan.

The Employers Action Coalition on Healthcare (EACH), a group of employers, providers and health plans in Massachusetts, in conjunction with the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), part of the Massachusetts General Hospital's Institute for Technology Assessment, have launched this new website. The website (http://prostateoptions.icer-review.org) was created with input from a national expert group and from expert clinicians from Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Atrius Health, Massachusetts General Hospital and Tufts Medical Center.