Travel Medicine
Travel Medicine at Atrius Health

Focused on preventing infectious diseases and promoting the safety of people traveling to overseas and remote locations

What to Expect

Preparing for your Travel Medicine Visit

Please make sure that you bring the necessary information to your travel medicine visit. This includes:

  • If you are not already an Atrius Health patient, a completed medical history form 
  • Past immunization history
  • Current medications if not on file
  • Detailed itinerary if available

At your Travel Medicine visit, you can expect:

  • Counseling by our travel medicine clinician that is specific to your destination(s) and your medical history
  • Information and handouts specifically created for your itinerary that you can carry with you
  • Administration of necessary immunizations
  • Prescriptions for medications needed based on your itinerary and medical history
  • Documentation provided as appropriate: Yellow Fever Certificate, exemption letters, medication letters

Topics that may be discussed at your travel medicine visit include:

  • Food and water safety: preventing and dealing with travelers’ diarrhea
  • Preventing insect-borne infections (malaria and others)
  • Preventing and recognizing altitude illness
  • Jet lag
  • Motion sickness
  • Managing your chronic illness while traveling
  • Traveling with children