Travel Medicine
Travel Medicine at Atrius Health

Focused on preventing infectious diseases and promoting the safety of people traveling to overseas and remote locations

Making a Travel Medicine Appointment

When to Schedule an Appointment

Some travel immunizations need to be given a month before departure. In order to ensure we can book your visit at a time and location that are convenient for you, it is ideal to call two months before your planned departure as we may not be able to arrange appointments and immunizations for last minute travelers.

How to Schedule an Appointment with the Travel Medicine Department

To schedule an appointment with a Travel Medicine clinician, please call our office at 617-657-6455, Monday – Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. If you are not an Atrius Health patient please obtain a copy of your immunization prior to scheduling an appointment.

Please check with your health insurance plan as travel medicine visits and most travel immunizations are considered “preventive” and may not be covered. Be sure to ask if “preventive travel medicine counseling, immunizations, and medications” are a covered benefit.

When you call to schedule an appointment, our office will conduct a preliminary phone interview to collect your destination information, as well as a basic health and immunization history. We will also review any insurance limitations and discuss any financial implications with you. Following this review, we will schedule a visit at the Atrius Health site most convenient for you. If your health insurance plan requires it, please have your primary care clinician’s referral faxed to our office prior to your appointment.