Travel Medicine
Travel Medicine at Atrius Health

Focused on preventing infectious diseases and promoting the safety of people traveling to overseas and remote locations


Each year, as many as 45 million Americans travel abroad, with about 20 million of them spending time in rural areas or developing countries.  In many of these destinations, people are exposed to unfamiliar health risks; therefore, obtaining pre-travel health care and advice from a clinician familiar with travel is an important step in preparing to travel internationally.

Patients have access to Travel Medicine services at our Harvard Vanguard practices in Concord and Boston (Kenmore). We prefer that people traveling together come in for their appointment as a group, but if necessary, we can see them separately.

The Travel Medicine Department at Atrius Health is here to help. Our mission is to provide personalized, exceptional travel medicine healthcare to our adult and pediatric patients by focusing on the prevention of infectious diseases and promoting the personal safety of people traveling to destinations requiring preparation.  Our services are here to promote safe and healthful travel. Our experienced clinicians not only give immunizations to travelers but also provide valuable knowledge about their destination to help keep them healthy while abroad.

Our Travel Medicine services include:

  • Medical advice for avoiding infectious disease while traveling
  • Necessary and required pre-travel immunizations
  • Travel-related medications
  • Counseling for travelers with medical conditions