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Atrius Health Pharmacy Over-the-Counter Product List

pill organizer

Did you know that your Atrius Health pharmacy carries a variety of commonly used over-the-counter (OTC) products at low prices?

The following is a list of OTCs that all Atrius Health pharmacies carry. Each Atrius Health pharmacy carries numerous additional products not listed here. Please contact any of our pharmacy locations directly to inquire about the availability of products not on this list. And keep checking our web page for new updates to this list.  Full blog post

by Atrius Health

Roadmap to Medication Success

pill bottlesUnderstanding how to properly take your medications is so important to your health, but many people – estimates are between 33% and 50% of people who take medication regularly – do not take them safely and properly, leading to additional labs or doctor’s visits, medical complications, and even hospitalizations, all at an additional cost.  Full blog post

by Marianne Lee, PharmD

Making your trip to the pharmacy a whole lot easier

pharmacy shelfSometimes, a trip to your neighborhood pharmacy may go like this: You arrive, but your prescription has not arrived from your doctor’s office. The pharmacy calls to look for it. Turns out the nurse is waiting for the doctor to approve it. You can wait or come back later. The prescription finally arrives and the pharmacy discovers they do not have your current insurance on file. You search through your wallet and present your insurance card. The pharmacy inspects it and announces that this is your medical coverage but not your prescription coverage. (Did you know there are often two cards? Frustrating, but true.) They offer that you can pay full price now and present your card at a later time for reimbursement for the difference. Now, you may either forget to look for the card or forget to go back, and end up paying full price for the medication. Or, you opt to come back later with your card, making yet another trip to the pharmacy. This all takes time and causes aggravation.  Full blog post

by Beth Yonce