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Virtual Video Visit Frequently Asked Questions

For detailed information about how a video visit works or for technical information and troubleshooting, please refer to the FAQs in the MyHealth patient portal.

For what types of healthcare needs can I schedule a video visit?

While we have provided a partial list of the types of care that can be offered safely through a video visit, video visits are a safe and effective way to speak with your provider and can be used for most care needs.

Healthcare needs for which a video visit is NOT appropriate include but are not limited to: procedures, injections (including vaccines), dilated eye exams, physical therapy manipulations, close physical exam and measurement of nodes or masses, cardiac stress testing, and imaging studies for which specialized equipment is required.

How can I schedule a video visit?

While you can always call your clinician or a specialty department to discuss your specific healthcare needs and be directed to care that’s right for you, the following are some options to schedule a video visit:

  • Primary care appointments in internal medicine, family medicine or pediatrics can be made by logging into your MyHealth online account and directly scheduling a video visit for one of the conditions we can evaluate and treat virtually.
  • For a specialty care appointment, please call your regular clinician’s office to see if a video visit is appropriate for your needs. If your clinician would like you to see a specialist for an initial consultation, you may receive a notice on the main page of your MyHealth account asking you to schedule a specialty appointment. You can follow the prompts to schedule a specialty video visit with a specialty provider at a time of your choice.

Scheduling Ticket

Will I be able to see my primary care provider or team, or my regular specialist?

In the majority of cases, you will be able to see your regular provider and team for any needs that you have. If you go to MyHealth online to schedule a video visit appointment for an acute primary care need like a new case of pink eye or a back sprain injury, we have expanded the list of clinicians from which you can choose to try and maximize appointment availability and help you get care quicker. Your PCP, however, will be listed at the top for easier selection.

How do I connect and initiate my scheduled video visit?

You can join the video visit from your MyHealth Online account via your desktop/laptop computer or through the MyChart app on your mobile device or tablet. For more information on how to join a video visit, watch How to start a video visit using a mobile device or How to start your video visit using a computer.

Can I schedule a virtual visit if I am currently living outside of Massachusetts?

During the pandemic, many states relaxed their medical licensing regulations and have permitted out-of-state clinicians to provide virtual telehealth visits to their established patients, regardless of where the patient was residing at the time of the appointment, to ensure patients can receive the care they need during the pandemic. In recent months, however, states have begun to roll back the emergency measures that relaxed these rules and are reverting to standard (pre-pandemic) rules and requirements related to how and where clinicians can provide patient care. To ensure our clinicians’ licenses to practice stay in compliance with state laws, as of June 30, 2021 Atrius Health will provide virtual telehealth visits only to patients who are physically present in Massachusetts at the time of their appointment. Learn more about how we are making this transition back to pre-pandemic practices and how we can support your care if you are currently living outside of Massachusetts.

Are there co-payments for virtual visits?

A co-payment may be assessed for your video or telephone visit according to your healthcare insurance plan coverage. Atrius Health will bill this visit to your healthcare insurance plan, just like an in-person visit, and your health insurance company will process the bill according to your benefits. If you receive a bill for your visit and have questions about your benefits, please contact your health insurance company.

Will my video visit be private?

Yes. Protecting the privacy and security of your medical information is important to us. The video technology used for your video visit is HIPAA-compliant and has several features to protect your health and personal information. Video transmission is fully encrypted and transmitted through Atrius Health's private, secure network.

Your provider will conduct the video visit from a private room. You may also wish to find a private space where you can do the visit.