Proxy Access

Proxy Access

If you have a child who has an Atrius Health pediatrician or if you are actively involved in the care of an adult family member who has an Atrius Health doctor, you can apply for "proxy access" to view parts of your family member's medical record through MyHealth Online. To obtain proxy access, both the patient and the parent/guardian must have their own MyHealth Online accounts.

Adult Proxy Access

Proxy access allows you to use MyHealth Online to communicate with the doctor’s office of a family member or loved one regarding non-urgent matters. Access is granted once a signed paper authorization form has been completed and processed by the patient’s primary care site location. Download Adult Proxy Application; (261kb pdf)

Adolescent Access

Adolescent proxy access for MyHealth Online allows a parent or legal guardian to view a limited portion of the adolescent's medical record, and communicate with the physician's office of the patient's behalf. The limitations (click here for more information about the Adolescent Proxy Access feature limitations) are to protect adolescent's right to privacy, pursuant to Massachusetts law and Atrius Health policies. Parents with existing Pediatric Proxy Access to a child are automatically transitioned to the more limited Adolescent Proxy Access when the child turns 13. Adolescent Proxy Access ends when the patient turns 18 years old. Download Adolescent Access Form (263kb pdf)

Pediatric Proxy Access

Pediatric Proxy for MyHealth Online allows you to securely communicate on behalf of a pediatric patient between the ages of newborn and 13 years. Access is automatically transitioned to Adolescent Proxy Access when your child turns 13 years old. Download Pediatric Proxy Authorization Form (263kb pdf)