MyHealth Sign Up

Signing up for MyHealth Online is easy!

In order to create your own MyHealth account, you need to do two things: Apply for an account, and then Activate your account with the access code we will send to you via your email address.

Sign Up

To apply for a MyHealth Online account, fill out our simple online application form and include an email address that you check regularly. Once we have received your request to create a MyHealth Online account, we will send you an email with an access code and a link so that you can activate your account and begin using MyHealth Online. You can also apply for an account when you are in the office. Ask your clinician for more information.

Activate Your Account

If you have already completed and submitted your application form and have received an access code, please proceed to Activate Your Account

Access to Your Family's MyHealth Online Account

If you have a child who has an Atrius Health pediatrician or if you are actively involved in the care of an adult family member who has an Atrius Health doctor, you can apply for "proxy access" to view parts of your family member's medical record through MyHealth Online. Click here for more information.

Please note: To obtain proxy access, both the patient and the parent/guardian must have their own MyHealth Online accounts.