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Medicare Blog Articles

Our Medicare Educator, Diane Reilly, has written several helpful articles about Medicare that appear on the Atrius Health blog.

Are You Eligible for Medicare?
Many people assume if they lived and worked in the United States, they automatically qualify for premium-free Medicare when they turn 65. But depending on your employment history, that may not be the case.

Top 10 Questions about Medicare Enrollment
Every autumn you may notice an increase in Medicare insurance advertisements in your mailbox and on television. As a Medicare beneficiary, it is critical that you understand the various enrollment periods to ensure you have sufficient healthcare coverage and avoid costly penalties.

Understanding Medicare and Your Options
Medicare is a federal government program that provides coverage for medical and health-related services. At 65, most Americans are eligible for full Medicare benefits. Sounds like it should be simple, right? Well, the choices you have and what is covered by Original Medicare can be very confusing. And then there are prescription drug plans, Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. There is much to consider regarding your medical coverage when it comes time to retire, and it’s wise to do your research well in advance of turning 65. We have gathered some basic information about Medicare to help get you started.

Can You Afford Healthcare in Retirement?
Many people have a common misconception that, since they paid social security taxes during their working years, their Medicare benefits are fully covered. As people begin to plan for retirement when their income is reduced and medical expenses may increase, they are disappointed to learn that Medicare is not free and in fact, it has premiums and deductibles and financial penalties for non-compliance with enrollment requirements.