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Atrius Health Recognized as an “Allied Member” of The Permanente Federation

Atrius Health will join forces with The Permanente Federation to advance our common ambition to provide outstanding value-based clinical care for our patients. Effective June 1, Atrius Health will be recognized as an “Allied Member” of The Permanente Federation (the Federation). Atrius Health and the Federation have recognized the tremendous synergies across our respective practices and share the belief that we can catalyze and accelerate our improvements through a formal and robust collaboration. Atrius Health will be uniquely positioned as the first Allied Member of the Permanente Federation.

Under this agreement, Atrius Health and the Federation remain independent entities. The two entities have agreed to build a relationship to advance quality, safety, patient experience, research, teaching, growth, affordability, sustainability, and to preserve the advantages of the multispecialty group practice model. There is no formal relationship between Atrius Health and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan or Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and its subsidiaries.

Like Atrius Health, the Federation is a national leader in value-based care and shares our commitment to evidence-based care and population health management. Atrius Health continues our commitment to be a leader in our community and also to support our collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) to improve consumer experience and decrease the cost of care.