Support Services
Support Services

Support Services Core

The Academic Institute has a center-based structure with a Support Services Core. Reporting through the Chief Medical Officer to the Chief Executive Officer of Atrius Health, the Institute Medical Director is responsible for the oversight of Institute activities, strategic and business planning, quality improvement, and leading the effort to attract external business partners. The Academic Institute’s Support Services Core centralizes resources such as administration, compliance, contracting, and marketing, which facilitates efficiencies and connections across all programs. By centralizing academic activities, we gain economies of scale and cultivate a learning environment with opportunities for teaching, research, and information sharing across the four Centers in the Academic Institute.

Goals of the Support Services Core:

  • Provide the highest level of service to all internal and external customers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for all academic activities
  • Plan strategically for the academic needs of our physicians and provide support for their joy in practice
  • Support the goals of Atrius Health and the specific values of education, innovation and patient care