Innovation Work
Innovation work

All Atrius Health innovation projects stem from real pain points that plague our patients and our system.

The reality is that providers are facing more and more demands that compromise their joy in practice and limit their capacity to deliver personalized care. Labor-intensive systems and processes no longer make sense – and, thankfully, they’re no longer our only option. With technology’s robust analytical, predictive, and organizational power, we can work smarter, not harder. We can actually transform how we deliver care so that we can keep patients healthier and happier. 

Data-driven cognitive insights

A computer is more than a way to capture health information. It’s a powerful machine with an incomparable ability to analyze the staggering amount of health data generated every day – and Atrius Health intends to use it that way. We’ve partnered with IBM Watson Health to develop a point-of-care solution that summarizes cognitive insights about a patient's health and describes the outcomes of similar people under various treatment options. By serving up these insights, Watson Cognitive Insights will put providers in a better position to identify and close care gaps, create personalized care plans for each patient, and deliver care efficiently.

Population health

Half of healthcare utilization is concentrated among the 5% sickest patients. That, combined with the reality that providers and staff are overburdened, makes it critical to determine which patients have the greatest need and where our efforts will be most beneficial. Analytics make that possible. For example, we use patient diagnoses, medications, and utilization to assign a risk-of-hospitalization score to each Atrius Health patient. Armed with this data, our clinical teams can prioritize post-discharge follow-up care, make better informed triage decisions, and provide greater access to health care for those who need it most.

Automated routine tasks

Healthcare usually relies on people: providers sign off on medication renewals, population managers call patients with reminders, patients schedule tests and labs by phone with medical secretaries. By partnering with Healthfinch, Atrius Health is creating automated systems so that we can spend more energy on the work that really matters – like engaging patients and addressing their complex care needs – and less on routine, repetitive tasks. Healthfinch’s programs can identify pre-visit labs, prepare orders, populate visit summaries, generate appointments, and refill medications so that providers can do their jobs better.