Innovation Work
Innovation work

All Atrius Health innovation projects stem from real pain points that plague our patients and our system.

Many health systems put the burden on patients to figure out when, where, and how to get the care they need. At Atrius Health, we strive to make that our role. And we believe we’re only as effective as the support we offer our most vulnerable patients to help them access care and resources essential to managing their conditions. 

Behavioral health care facilitation

An effective behavioral health care plan is more than a list of medications and a summary of how often a patient will see their provider. Especially for at-risk patients, an effective care plan also reflects a deep understanding of the patient’s circumstances; the social challenges that may impact the patient’s care and adherence; the patient’s health literacy, language, and cultural beliefs; and coordination with necessary community support services. Through ongoing communication with patients and the care team, behavioral health care facilitators help make effective, nuanced care plans a reality. 

Pediatric care facilitation

Pediatric patients who are medically complex or who lack private insurance often face barriers to care, wellness, and patient satisfaction. The pediatric care facilitator role is designed to bridge these gaps between patients and the health care system. Pediatric care facilitators serve as trusted points of contact for our families, support inter-disciplinary needs assessment, provide proactive outreach, connect families with community-based resources, and manage care coordination.