The Center for Education

The Center for Education designs, coordinates and supports a broad range of instructional programs throughout Atrius Health. The Center serves as a headquarters for the conceptualization and implementation of multiple courses, rotations, lectures and webinars, all of which foster the organization's academic mission. The Center also supports the broader strategic goals of Atrius Health, through our primary care foundation focus, team-based treatment philosophy, efficient utilization of resources, thoughtful external partnerships, innovative technology and an underlying dedication to a positive experience for our patients.

The Center for Education places a special emphasis on the personal growth of physicians and other health care professionals. Programs and initiatives include academic mentoring, clinical coaching, improved work-life balance, facilitated continuing education accreditation, and a diverse range of opportunities for teaching.

Goals of the Center for Education include:

  • Enhancing the health and enrichment of our providers
  • Creating a stronger medical workforce for the future
  • Promoting the generation and dissemination of knowledge through medical research, conferences, publications, and other initiatives