The Center for Analytics and Informatics

Atrius Health has used an Electronic Health Record (EHR) longer than most other ambulatory care providers. Our current EHR, now being adopted by others in the Boston market, has been in use since 1999 and combines with the claims data that we have collected for about 15 years to make us a unique partner for population and longitudinal research.

Goals of the Center for Analytics and Informatics: 

  • Create opportunities to engage in analytics and informatics research
  • Centralize coordination of the development of commercial analytic solutions for healthcare delivery
  • Create and monitor “measures for success” to ensure that Academic Institute programs and initiatives achieve their desired goal. Because our database is so robust and includes claims data as well, we plan to formalize a “data sand box” with the potential for commercialization. In addition, by partnering with other institutions focusing on informatics, novel programs will be developed to improve clinical outcomes, provider performance and efficiency.