Stop Smoking

Thinking about quitting, but aren't so sure yet?

It helps to consider the reasons you smoke, and assess whether or not they are more important to you than the downside of smoking – and the benefits of quitting.

All of us at Atrius Health recognize that quitting isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s not easy because – along with all your own personal reasons for finding smoking enjoyable – nicotine is addictive.

Yet we firmly believe that quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do for your health. There is life after smoking, and when you’re ready to quit, we’ll be here.

  • Your doctor can discuss medications with you that may help you quit.
  • Your doctor can refer you to a program called Quitworks - or you may sign up for Quitworks on your own. This program is free for residents of Massachusetts and designed to provide support for people who want to quit smoking.

More about Quitworks

Whether you’re referred by your doctor, or you sign up on your own, a Quitworks counselor will contact you by telephone within three days of your signing up to design a personal action plan for quitting.

Together, you’ll:

  • Determine the best quit-smoking plan for you
  • Set your “quit date”
  • Discuss resources available to you
  • Review information on medications that can help you stop smoking
  • Address your concerns with quitting