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Do You Smoke?

All of us at Atrius Health believe that quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do for your health. But we also recognize that it isn't easy to do.

It's tough being a smoker today. You can't smoke in most restaurants, offices and public buildings. Not to mention the constantly rising price of cigarettes. You might feel like people are always judging you.quit smoking

Maybe you enjoy smoking. But have you ever thought about why it's so important to you?

  • Is it a social thing?
  • Does it help relieve tension?
  • Does it help you control your weight?
  • Do you think it engergizes you?

Whatever your reasons — no matter how hooked you are — you can stop smoking. And we're here to help.

Thinking of quitting?

The benefits of quitting are real. Check out these facts if you are still not convinced.

If you are trying to help someone quit, there are resources available to help them on their journey.