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Atrius Health COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Update

This COVID-19 Vaccine Information page is updated at the start of each week and is current as of Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Vaccine Phases MassGov

Atrius Health is required to follow guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regarding COVID-19 vaccine. The state is allocating vaccine to Atrius Health and other providers according to the three-phase Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Prioritization plan. You can view this plan to learn when you are eligible for vaccination by visiting the state’s website at At this time, we do not currently have COVID-19 vaccine for the general patient population and we are not preparing wait lists. However, Atrius Health is making preparations to be ready to start Phase 2 vaccinations when the state moves into this phase and sends us vaccine. We expect Phase 2 will start some time in February per the state’s plan.

We will update our website as more information becomes available on starting Phase 2 vaccinations. When we are able to begin scheduling vaccinations for Phase 2, we will share information with our patients through MyHealth, social media and other channels when we can begin scheduling appointments. We strongly recommend patients sign-up for MyHealth as we will be using that as a major communications and scheduling channel for vaccinations in the months ahead.

Right now, Massachusetts is currently in Phase 1 of state vaccination plan which is expected to last into February. Phase 1 is focused on vaccinating the state’s healthcare workers, residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities, and the state’s fire, police and emergency medical services personnel. Phase 2 is expected to start at some time in February and prioritize vaccination for individuals at high risk for COVID-19 complications, starting with people with 2 co-morbid conditions and/or age 75 years and older and residents and staff of public and private low income and affordable senior housing.  Next in Phase 2 priority is other workers in education, transit, grocery, utility, food and agriculture, sanitation, public works and public health services and many other sectors; then adults 65 years and older, and finally individuals with 1 co-morbid condition. Phase 3 is estimated to begin in April 2021 and will focus on vaccination of the general public which will continue for many months.

We highly recommend vaccination for all eligible Atrius Health patients. The vaccines that are being released have been shown to be highly effective in preventing COVID-19 infection. Vaccination will provide benefit to the person receiving the vaccine, their family and people they live with, as well as the general population.