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Health Education classes at Atrius Health promote health and safety for all phases of your life.  We offer a wide variety of courses.  Each year we offer more than 600 classes in which more than 5,000 patients and community members participate.  

We offer prenatal and postpartum classes to help both educate and support expectant parents through their pregnancy, birth and the care and safety of their baby.

Aging can bring a host of chronic health conditions, requiring both education and support.  Our Diabetes Education Program offers both a pre-diabetes class and a comprehensive series of classes on diabetes self-management, Living with Diabetes.  We also offer COPD classes for those who are diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and classes for those who have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, or those who want to work at preventing it.

The Mind-Body connection, or using your thoughts and feelings to optimize your health is taught in both our Meditation and Prenatal Yoga Classes.

For our senior population, we offer our Fall Prevention Program - Stepping On.  In addition, we work in collaboration with community-based organizations to deliver healthy aging programs.

In addition we offer support groups on a variety of subjects such as anxiety, infertility, depression and more and education and support groups for people with cancer.

A healthy mind and body are essential throughout our adult lives.  Our general health and fitness offerings incorporate a variety of classes, behavioral health and support groups, teaching us how to and encouraging us to make healthy lifestyle changes.  

For additional information, please select one of the class categories on the left or call us at 877-439-5465.

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