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Signing up for MyHealth Online is easy!

In order to create your own MyHealth account, you need to do two things: Apply for an account, and then Activate your account with the access code we will send to you via your email address.

Sign Up

To apply for a MyHealth Online account, fill out our simple online application form and include an email address that you check regularly. Once we have received your request to create a MyHealth Online account, we will send you an email with an access code and a link so that you can activate your account and begin using MyHealth Online. You can also apply for an account when you are in the office. Ask your clinician for more information.

Activate Your Account

If you have already completed and submitted your application form and have received an access code, please proceed to Activate Your Account. If you would like assistance, use our 6-step form that walks you through the process of activating your MyHealth Online account.

Access to Your Family's MyHealth Online Account

If you have a child who has an Atrius Health pediatrician or if you are actively involved in the care of an adult family member who has an Atrius Health doctor, you can apply for "proxy access" to view parts of your family member's medical record through MyHealth Online. Click here for more information.

Please note: To obtain proxy access, both the patient and the parent/guardian must have their own MyHealth Online accounts.

Common Questions about the Sign-up and Activation Process

For lost access codes or other technical issues when logging into MyHealth Online, email or call 617-559-8057 from 8:30am - 5:00pm.

What do I need in order to use MyHealth Online?
To access MyHealth Online, you need:

  • internet access and a working email account that you check regularly
  • to accept the Terms and Conditions statement
  • internet browser that meets below minimum version and setting requirements:
    • Internet Explorer 5.x, 6
    • Firefox 1.0-1.5
    • Safari 3
    • Chrome 24+
    • Netscape 7, 8
    • AOL 3.0-9.0
    • Opera 8
    • Session Cookies enabled
    • Javascript enabled
    • 128-bit SSL capability 

To learn more about 128-bit US encryption and how to check your current browser's encryption strength, read our Security FAQs.

What is an access code?
The access code that we send to you allows you to activate your account and create your own unique MyHealth Online ID (username) and password. Once you create your MyHealth Online ID (username) and password, your access code becomes invalid and you can discard it. You'll use the MyHealth Online ID (username) and password you created each time you log into MyHealth Online.

My access code doesn't work - what should I do?
It's possible your access code has expired; it will expire after 60 days. This is a security precaution. Or, if you have already created your MyHealth Online ID (username) and password, the access code becomes invalid. Please contact us on obtaining a new access code. We will then email you with your new access code.

How can I be sure that no one else is looking at my medical information?
Your MyHealth Online ID (username) and password that you use to login are key to protecting the confidentiality of your information.

You create your own MyHealth Online ID (username) and password; it is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. You should not share this information with anyone else. If you believe that your password has been compromised, please change it immediately!

You can change your password online at any time, Login, and select Preferences from the left-hand navigation options.

When I try to login, I get a message that states "login unsuccessful", please explain?

  • On your keyboard, make sure your Caps Lock Key is not on. Your MyHealth password is case sensitive.
  • Make sure you do not enter extra spaces in either the MyHealth Online ID (username) or password fields
  • Be sure you are not using your access code. Your access code is not your MyHealth Online ID (username) or password. It's a code that is used to active your account during initial set-up and enables you to create your MyHealth Online ID (username) and password

I have completed my online application, but haven't heard anything. How do I check the status of my request?
Processing your enrollment in MyHealth Online generally takes three to five business days. If you have not received your access code by then, please contact us.

I do not receive notification emails of activity in my account or I have not received an approval notice, please explain.
A notification email is a system-generated message that gets automatically sent out to your email address whenever there is activity in your MyHealth Online account. The activity can include an approval notice, which provides you with instructions on how to set-up your account, an updated lab result or an email message from a provider or staff member.

There are four reasons why you may not receive our notification emails:

  1. Spamblocker - You may not receive these notification messages due to a spamblocker on your internet account. In this case, your computer recognizes our emails as Spam. The only way to prevent our messages from going into your junk/bulk email folder is to add our email address to your address book. Our email address is:
  2. Initial Set-Up - You have chosen not to receive our notification email. This screen will appear when you are confirming your email address during the initial set-up of your account. Please select "yes" in order to receive our emails.
  3. Incorrect Email Address - You have not updated your email address in your MyHealth Online account. To update your email address: Login to your MyHealth Online account, select "Preferences" from the left-hand navigation options and choose "Change Email Address" from the drop down menu.
  4. Firewall - Your computer may have a firewall set-up on the system. An email Firewall Server is an anti-spam anti-virus net appliance that blocks it and automatically deletes the email. In this instance you will be required to make an "exception" to receive emails from