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Sponsored Research

Atrius Health offers a unique clinical laboratory to both internal and external customers and we are especially focused upon patient-centered outcomes and delivery systems research.  These qualities align very well with the key components of Atrius Health: organizational philosophy, informatics, innovation and financing. Additionally, it is this focus that distinguishes us from other large clinical practice organizations, and ensures we can be collaborative with academic and medical organizations throughout the Boston area.  For more information, contact us at

Examples of our research portfolio include:

Study:  Interactive Tele-pharmacy to Improve Chronic Medication Adherence
Principal Investigator:  Thomas Isaac, MD, MPH, MBA

Study:   Serious Illness Communication Project
Principal Investigator: Eliza Shulman, MD

Study: Training Clinical Pharmacists to Help Reduce Inappropriate Prescribing of Opioids In Ambulatory Care
Principal Investigator:  Thomas Isaac, MD, MPH, MBA