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Healthcare Delivery and Health Services Outcomes

A major focus of the Institute will be to support the research programs in healthcare delivery and health services outcomes so that innovative ideas in these areas can be studied scientifically, thus producing valid results.  Once validated, these programs will be diffused to other healthcare networks with the goal of transforming the delivery and value of health care on a national level.

Current Atrius Health Projects Designed to Produce Transformative Healthcare Designs include

  • Designing new processes to ensure that referrals from primary care physicians to medical and surgical subspecialists are completed resulting in decreased patient safety risks associated with delayed diagnosis or treatment.  This project, developed at Atrius Health and part of a larger AHRQ-funded P30 grant with the Harvard School of Public Health, has the potential of developing innovative processes amenable to diffusion.
  • Improving the quality of care and outcomes for behavioral health patients is an important national priority.  Funded by a grant from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Initiative (PCORI), researchers at Atrius Health are studying a system for scientific-matching of providers to patients to determine if outcomes are improved versus current methods for assigning providers. 
  • Patients transitioning from outpatient to inpatient care and back often receive care from a variety of providers that results in a poor patient experience and the potential for compromises in patient safety.  Atrius Health is devising a "Patient Connector," which is a program to follow patients from the ambulatory practice through visits to inpatient and other facilities outside of our system.  This innovative program will ensure that patients are seen by known providers as they traverse healthcare systems outside of Atrius Health.